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In today’s climate, captivating business video Production does not necessarily mean commercials on TV. We have worked to develop many projects that help businesses maximize their messages.

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Business  Video Production Services

In today’s climate, business video work does not necessarily mean commercials on TV. We have worked to develop many projects that help businesses maximize their messages. Although we have done many TV commercials, business videos also utilizes website videos, industrial videos and business to business videos. Prominence looks at the big picture: budget, time, and quality. Every business needs to see a return on their investment, and that is what Prominence Media gives.

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Business Video Production

How It's Done

Prominence Media has the ability and flexibility to serve clients in nearly every industry that exists. The Budget of any particular project is traditionally a limiting factor. We can accomplish projects with large budgets and even produce excellent results on a tight budget.

We currently are using the Z CAM E2 F6 6K Full Frame camera as our 'A Camera' capture source, routing ProRes RAW information to an ATOMOS Ninja V+ SSD card that preserves the beautiful high quality information throughout the editorial process, as we utilize Apple's AfterBurner card to facilitate the speed at which data acquisition occurs. Our 'B Camera' is the Panasonic AG-CX 350, a production camcorder with a great zoom lens, the latest HDR features and very nice slow motion capabilities.

The use of our cameras is extended by employing gimbal stabilizers, sliders, the ever-important tripods, hand-held rigs, car / vehicle mounts (hostess tray), and we have access to some of the finest drone pilots in the region.
However, having great gear is secondary to the talent and expertise we have continued to develop over the first two decades of the 21st century.

In Studio

In the Prominence Media Studio, we bring it to your face. We can record in front of a green screen for projects that require background replacement. Additionally, the studio is often used as a 'black box' environment, where the focus on the subject is unencumbered with any distractions. On yet another wall, a 15% gray backdrop has been installed and is an excellent background for auditions.

We currently edit using Apple's Final Cut Pro X software, in conjunction with the Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects & Photoshop primarily). Color correction / color modification can be taken to the next level with DaVinci Resolve, which is fantastic with narrative projects, or any documentary that could use an extra up-tick of color grading.

With all this equipment, supplemented with decades of "Know-How", we are confident and look forward to working with you and your team to create the most engaging and visually appealing content possible!
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